Esthetic Dental Studio

Martin Bartoszcze

Founder of the Esthetic Dental Studio clinic. Aesthetic dentistry is for him more than just teeth treatment – it is helping patients regain their self-confidence and find a beauty that they had not noticed before. As he says, it is his hobby, love and great passion into which he puts his whole heart.

In Dr. Martin’s work, it is crucial to learn about patients’ beliefs about their smiles, expectations and ideas about their change.

He specializes in interdisciplinary dentistry – digital smile design, advanced implantological, surgical and periodontal treatment, and above all, the essence of dentistry, which is prosthetic treatment with the use of porcelain veneers. He always emphasizes the importance of the role of the dental technician in achieving perfect treatment results.

In dentistry, he attaches the greatest importance to precision, which is why all treatments are performed under the magnification of a dental microscope. The treatments performed by Dr. Martin are completely painless and take place in comfortable conditions and in a nice, safe atmosphere. He constantly participates in trainings increasing the comfort of patients and improving his professional skills.

Privately, he has been passionate about basketball for years, travels and takes his first steps in kitesurfing.


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