Esthetic Dental Studio

Medical examinations and consultations

Specialist consultation

250 PLN

45-minute visit, examination of the oral cavity under a microscope, analysis of radiological examinations, conversation with a visual explanation of existing problems.
Aesthetic analysis (Digital Smile Design)

1800 PLN

Photo session, DSD, visualization, smile fitting.


Porcelain veneer 

2500 PLN

Individualized, made of glass ceramic IPS e.max. Press, based on lithium disilicate.
Ultrathin porcelain veneer without tooth preparation (Non-prep veneer)

2800 PLN

Providing an incredibly natural effect, made entirely by hand by a dental technician from feldspathic porcelain.
Composite veneer

1500 PLN

Individualized, made using an indirect method in a dental laboratory.
Bonding, Direct restoration of the tooth crown

1200 PLN

Aesthetic composite material, restoration using the Flow Injection Technique method.


All-ceramic crown on own tooth

2500 PLN

IPS e.max press, Prettau Zirconia.
Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown on the own tooth

1700 PLN

Made of ceramic, fused to a nickel-free metal alloy.
Composite crown

1500 PLN

Individualized, made using an indirect method in a dental laboratory.


All-ceramic dental bridge on natural teeth

2500 PLN/ 1 bridge point

Prettau zirconia
Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) bridge on natural teeth

1700 PLN / 1 bridge point

Made of ceramic, fused to a nickel-free metal alloy.
Temporary Adhesive Fiberglass Bridge

1200 PLN / 1 bridge point

Individualized, made in a dental laboratory.

Dental implants

Dental implant placement

3000 - 3500 PLN

Neodent or Ankylos C/X implant system
Procedure with the use of a surgical template

600 PLN

A template printed in a 3D printer, made on the basis of an impression / scan and computed tomography scan.
Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown on the implant

2900 PLN

Screw-on crown, individual abutment made of titanium or titanium / zirconium.
All-ceramic crown on the implant

3500 PLN

Screw-on crown, individual abutment made of titanium or titanium / zirconium.
Bridge on 4 implants

From 30 000 PLN

A 12 teeth ceramic bridge on 4 implants.
Bridge on 6 implants

From 38 000 PLN

A 12 teeth ceramic bridge on 4 implants.
Overdenture with 2 to 4 implants

From 13 000 PLN

Comfortable removable denture supported on implants.
Alveolar bone reconstruction

From 1500 PLN

The price depends on the method of reconstruction, includes the cost of bone substitute material and collagen membrane.
Sinus lift using the closed method procedure

From 1500 PLN

The price includes the cost of bone substitute material and collagen membrane.
Sinus lift using the open method procedure

From 2500 PLN

The price includes the cost of bone substitute material and collagen membrane.


Frame partial denture

from 2500 PLN

Clamp-free overdenture

Individual pricing

Complete acrylic denture

2000 PLN

Partial acrylic denture

1800 PLN

Temporary partial micro-prosthesis

1500 PLN

Denture repair

from 300 PLN

Adding a tooth in a denture

200 PLN



From 7500 PLN

Transparent devices, digital 3D analysis included
Clear Aligner

1000 PLN

Transparent devices, Treatment price for 1 dental arch / 1 month

Teeth whitening

In-office method whitening

1500 PLN

Lamp whitening, highly effective, non-hypersensitive BlancOne Touch preparation
At-home method whitening

1500 PLN

BlancOne preparations, individually made overlays for home use
Tooth whitening after root canal treatment

From 300 PLN

Brightening session

300 PLN

Performed immediately after the hygiene treatment, BlancOne Click preparation

Oral cavity diagnostics

Comprehensive examination of the oral cavity under a microscope

150 PLN

30-minute visit, conversation with visual explanation of existing oral cavity diseases, written information for the patient about the number of teeth requiring treatment.
Computer tomography

200 - 450 PLN

The price depends on the area of the scan
Ortho-pantomographic x-ray

150 PLN

Dental x-ray

50 PLN

Conservative dentistry

Caries treatment

250 - 600 PLN

Reconstruction of the tooth cavity with restoration of the anatomy and function of the natural tooth. Filling with the use of the highest quality microparticle composite material, microscope and rubber dam
Reinforcement of the tooth crown after root canal treatment with fiberglass post

500 PLN

Composite onlay/overlay

1000 PLN

A composite onlay made using a direct technique, covering the tooth cusps. Reconstruction using the highest quality microparticle composite, microscope and rubber dam.
Strengthening the crown of a tooth with an extensive defect with a composite material containing glass fiber particles

150 PLN

Reconstruction of the tooth crown rim before root canal treatment

150 - 200 PLN

Temporary filling

250 PLN

Fluoride-releasing dressing in the treatment of caries

Root canal treatment under a microscope

Endodontic treatment under the microscope of the incisal tooth or canine

1200 PLN

Teeth with 1 root canal
Endodontic treatment under the microscope of the premolar

1500 PLN

Teeth with 2-3 root canals
Endodontic treatment under the microscope of the molar

1700 PLN

Teeth with 4-5 root canals
Root canal re-treatment

Individual pricing

The price depends on the level of tooth damage and the anatomy of the root canals
Removal of a broken file from the root canal

500 - 700 PLN

Dental surgery

Tooth removal

From 350 PLN

The price includes filling the socket with collagen and sutures stabilizing the edges of the wound
Wisdom tooth removal

From 350 PLN

The price includes filling the socket with collagen and sutures stabilizing the edges of the wound
Impacted wisdom tooth removal

From 500 PLN

The price includes filling the socket with collagen, sutures stabilizing the edges of the wound and postoperative control
Filling the socket after tooth extraction with bone graft material

1500 PLN

The price includes the cost of the bone graft material and collagen membrane
Microsurgical resection of the root apex with retrograde filling of the canal

1000 PLN

A minimally invasive procedure performed under a microscope
Odontogenic cyst removal

1500 PLN

Upper lip frenectomy

500 PLN

Odontogenic abscess drainage

300 PLN

Sutures removal

Charge free


Gingival recessions coverage

From 2000 PLN

Covering the exposed root of the tooth with a palatal gingival graft
Aesthetic lengthening of clinical tooth crowns

From 1500 PLN

Gingivoplasty navigated by Digital Smile Design and a surgical template made in 3D printing technology
Gummy smile correction

From 1500 PLN

Shaping the gums in the place of the bridge pontic

From 500 PLN

Shaping the gingival emergence profile of the bridge pontic, using a temporary bridge
Treatment of periimplantitis

From 1500 PLN

Treatment of tissue inflammation around the implant. The price includes the cost of the gum graft material
Open curettage of teeth roots

From 1000 PLN

Surgical treatment of periodontitis

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene package

400 PLN

Ultrasonic scaling, teeth sandblasting, fluoridation
Ultrasonic scaling

250 PLN

Teeth sandblasting

250 PLN

Lip augmentation

Lip filling with hyaluronic acid

1000 PLN / 1 ml

Modeling, enlarging and moisturizing the lips with the following methods: dr garunova, russian lips, Hollywood volume, 2D and 3D lips, "glass", Paris lips

Needle mesotherapy

Face needle mesotherapy

320 PLN

Face and neck needle mesotherapy

420 PLN

Face, neck and cleavage needle mesotherapy

520 PLN

Mesotherapy of the eye area

From 200 PLN

For the delicate and draining area of the eye area, brightening and moisturizing agents are used, which thicken the skin and accelerate the lymph flow.
Needle mesotherapy for couperose skin

690 PLN / 1,5 ml

Redermalization of couperose skin with the use of H&S from the renowned Swiss company Hyalual. An innovative method that reduces the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines and reduces the permeability of the vascular wall.
Hand mesotherapy

350 PLN / 1 ml

A treatment that allows us to moisturize, brighten and thicken the skin of the hands
Needle mesotherapy with calcium hydroxyapatite

690 PLN / 2,5 ml

Immediate hydration with NEAUVIA HYDRO DELUXE, the product contains 18mg / ml of pure hyaluronic acid. Calcium hydroxyapatite contained in the product additionally stimulates the production of collagen, improving the effectiveness of the therapy
Scalp mesotherapy

800 PLN / 1 ml

The unique formula of hyaluronic acid and peptides inhibits hair loss and stimulates its growth. The innovation of the product is based on the patented technology of prolonged release and penetration of active substances into the hair follicles

Scar removal

Elimination of stretch marks

390 PLN

Treatment with the use of RRS HA STRIMATRIX, which contains fibroblast growth factor: + sodium DNA, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids, coenzymes and flavonoids

Injection lipolysis

Fat reduction, body contouring with Lipo Lax After the treatment, the skin becomes tense and cellulite is reduced. Thanks to a series of treatments, we reduce the circumference of adipose tissue
Injection lipolysis of the chin

400 PLN

Injection lipolysis of the abdomen

From 400 PLN

Injection lipolysis of the thigh

400 PLN

Wrinkles removal

Jalupro HMW revitalization

700 PLN / 1,5 ml

Deep skin revitalization with a product that combines high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a complex of amino acids. Thanks to the presence of high-molecular hyaluronic acid with increased viscosity, we obtain long-lasting hydration of the skin and an initial filling effect
Aquashine BTX revitalization

890 PLN / 2 ml

Peptide botulinum, a new generation product that provides comprehensive solutions in the anti-aging therapy of the face, neck and cleavage skin. The main advantage of the product is its multi-level action: it stabilizes the activity of the muscles in the skin, relaxes the fibers of the facial muscles, smoothes the skin
Aquashine Br revitalization

750 PLN / 2 ml

A unique product with anti-aging properties, recommended in the treatment of skin revitalization and combating discoloration. The product brightens the skin, prevents discoloration and improves skin elasticity. Additionally, it revitalizes, deeply moisturizes and hydrates the skin
Sodium succinate revitalization

Xela Rederm 1 ml 690 PLN / 2 ml 800 PLN

Redermalization is an innovative method that helps to effectively counteract skin aging and rebuild it. A special feature of this preparation is the unique formula that uses the synergistic effects of sodium succinate and hyaluronic acid.
Linerase collagen revitalization

1200 PLN / 5 ml face + neck + cleavage + hand

A new category of stimulator for tissue reconstruction. By creating optimal physiological conditions for the production of new collagen. LINERASE therapy has shown high effectiveness in: regeneration and reconstruction of skin defects, treatment of scars, stretch marks, smoothing out fine wrinkles, reducing skin laxity and improving the elasticity and density of the skin of the face and the whole body
Profhilo revitalization

1200 PLN / 2 ml

PROFHILO® H + L is an ultra-modern instrument for skin rejuvenation. It consists of stabilized hybrid HA complexes with the highest concentration available in the world - as much as 64 mg
Sunekos revitalization

Sunekos 600 PLN

Sunekos® is an injectable product with anti-aging, brightening, nourishing and firming properties. The patent-protected formula contains hyaluronic acid and a combination of amino acids, collagen and elastin precursors. This combination helps to stimulate the regeneration of the extracellular matrix, leading to skin biogenesis

Sunekos 1200 PLN

Face lifting

900 PLN

Restylane® Skinboosters Vital is an innovative method of comprehensive skin revitalization at any age. The product includes stabilized hyaluronic acid. The product improves the quality of the skin. Increases skin elasticity, reduces skin roughness, reduces fine lines, reduces acne scars
Chemical peels:

Prx t33

300 PLN

A new method of skin biorevitalization without needles, thanks to a series of treatments we can achieve: restoration of face and body skin tension, firming the skin, reducing atrophic scars, reducing stretch marks

From 300 PLN

BioRePeelCl3 is an innovative medical device that is a two-phase, patented peeling with a biostimulating, revitalizing and, of course, peeling effect. Thanks to its exfoliating and keratolytic effect, it accelerates cell regeneration by removing the outer cells of the stratum corneum with a selective effect on the binding of corneocytes

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