Esthetic Dental Studio

Esthetic Dental Studio, established by Doctor Martin Bartoszcze, is a place created to make every patient feel special. The vision of creating a place ensuring the highest standards in dentistry and excellent, comprehensive patient service turned into establishment of the Esthetic Dental Studio clinic.

Esthetic Dental Studio – why choose us?

Creating beautiful and natural smiles is the clinic’s mission. The work of our doctors changes the lives of patients on many levels. They help them find their previously unnoticed beauty and regain self-confidence. They not only meet, but often also exceed the expectations for the effects of aesthetic treatment.

All treatments are performed with special care for the highest quality, comfort and a sense of security throughout the treatment process. Each patient is treated individually, specialists always adapt the treatment plan to their needs.

Our doctors maintain great care and precision in their work. They are also guided by a sense of aesthetics, which is particularly important for designing the perfect smile. Treatments are performed under painless computer-controlled local anesthesia so that patients feel comfortable.

Top-quality dental equipment and interior fittings

The uniqueness of the Esthetic Dental Studio clinic is demonstrated not only by a team of experienced specialists in the field of dentistry and aesthetic medicine, or cooperation with the best dental laboratories. The hallmark of our clinic is also the highest quality equipment. Our specialists perform treatments in up to 25x magnification, which is obtained thanks to the use of surgical microscopes. These devices are also equipped with cameras that allow you to capture the effects in photography. As a result, each patient can immediately see the excellent results of the doctor’s work.

The clinic also has a modern 3D tomograph. The equipment is used for planning the position of implants, root canal treatment, surgery, periodontology and orthodontics. It is also possible to take a panoramic X-ray. This device is a high-end equipment. It releases a minimal dose of radiation, but replicates the condition of the patient’s dentition without compromising accuracy.

The clinic cares not only about the aesthetics of the patient’s smile, but also about the interior design. The undoubted advantage of the clinic is the unusual interior design, which complements it’s philosophy. Our priority is to provide each patient with maximum comfort. Therefore, Esthetic Dental Studio offices are equipped with comfortable dental chairs with soft upholstery with shape memory. During the procedure, the patient has the opportunity to use earphones and watch TV in order to minimize stress.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the work of our team of specialists and invite you!

Why us?






Our staff is a team of professionals who approach the profession of dentist with reverence. We are constantly improving our qualifications in the field of dental treatment and aesthetic medicine. Numerous completed courses confirm our knowledge and our professionalism. We pay special attention to customer service. Meet the individual members of our team.


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